Morgan Motor Company Invitations

The Morgan Motor Company wanted a different type of invitation card for this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Merrys had the pleasure of printing anodised aluminium chassis plates and mounting them on polished wood used in the actual cars interior trim. We wish Morgan a very successful motor show .


Men’s Fashion Week

Simon Diffey delivers Morgan Plus 4 colour brochures to James Morris of the Morgan Motor Company at the start of Men’s Fashion Week.

Men's Fashion Week

Goodwood 73rd Members’ Meeting

Merrys Simon Diffey was asked to race a Grand Prix Maserati 250F at the Goodwood Members Meeting.

This was rather handy as he was able to deliver two boxes of Formula Junior Newsletters, hot off the press, to series co-ordinator Duncan Rabagliati whilst he was there driving for Niall Dyers Plinth Team.

The Goodwood Road Racing Club were rather amused by Simon’s on board video footage and have posted it on YouTube.

Morgan Aero 8

Simon Jon Wells     Morgan Aero 8

Today’s launch of the new Aero 8 Morgan. Brochures hot off the press and delivered directly to Morgan’s Design Director Jon Wells at the Geneva Motor Show.

Heather Mills

Heather Mills

Merrys were delighted to be asked to produce Heather Mills’ Autograph Cards for the ski challenge TV programme The Jump.