In the beginning, it is true, Merry’s have been delivering a service and product to every kind of customer for eighty years day in, day out in every sort of economic and historical climate.
Expressing print throughout varying design eras and process changes that have been as dramatic as the watersheds of Caxton and Gutenberg. Expressing print within increasingly pressured deadlines. How do you survive this long? Two key words: Quality and Vision.
Merry’s are particularly proud of their outstanding record of retaining clients some of whom span a fifty year period. Primarily a family business there is that enigmatic dimension of the duty of the custodian that runs like thread through all those years, an intangible strength that sets the company apart from the crowd. This reflects in the product and produces that extra shine that both the designer and the client are actively seeking.
Clients come in all sizes but Merry’s delivery is simply consistent. Furthermore Luton as a location has always and continues to provide a superbly central location from which print can be efficiently expressed to anywhere within the UK. This, in itself, has proved to be an early prudent decision that many very large companies are now matching through their location strategies.